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【To HENTAI gentlemen】Find out which hotels in Osaka won’t get you angry if you call an escort girl!

【To HENTAI gentlemen】Find out which hotels in Osaka won't get you angry if you call an escort girl!【ムジクロ】
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Osaka has many areas called red-light districts.

There are store-style and delivery escort-type shops in the red-light district.

In the store type, you can receive the service directly in a private room at the store.

The delivery escort type is used by dispatching to a love hotel, business hotel, or home.

In this article, we will introduce a website to find hotels that are OK to use when using Osaka’s famous red-light district and delivery escort type services.

Even if you call an escort girl in Japan, you won’t be able to use it if the hotel rejects it.

You don’t want to feel that lonely, right?

Be sure to research whether the hotel is OK to use beforehand!

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Osaka’s famous red-light district

I will introduce some famous places among them.

①Tobita Shinchi(飛田新地)

Tobita Shinchi is an entertainment district located in Nishinari Ward, Osaka City.

It is famous as a place where you can have sex, which is prohibited at escort girl shops in Japan.

Sex is not allowed at escort girl shops in Japan, but this Tobita Shinchi is not an escort girl shop but a restaurant, so sex is allowed.


Toganochō is an entertainment district located in Kita Ward, Osaka City.

It is located within walking distance from the large downtown area of ​​Umeda.

This place has store-style entertainment and delivery escort-type entertainment, and there are also many love hotels nearby.

There are places called information centers that will introduce you to shops, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to use them.


Namba is one of the busiest areas in Osaka and a love hotel district.

It is a place that is crowded every day with many tourists and local young men and women.

There are many escort girl shops in this area as well, but they are not crowded, but scattered, so it is difficult to find them.

The good thing about this is that you can choose between a store type, a hotel health type, and an escort girl type.

To use an escort girl shop, you have two choices: go yourself or have someone come to you.

If you choose to have an escort come, you need to check in advance whether the hotel you are staying at allows the use of escort girls.

That’s why we recommend this site.

呼べるホテル(yoberu hoteru)

Yoberuhoteru allows you to search within the site to find out whether the hotel you are in can call an escort girl.

This is a convenient site where you can see past usage results, testimonials, and everyone’s ratings.

※Please translate and use※

A simple explanation of how to use the site

①If you haven’t decided on a hotel yet

First, select the area you are currently in!

Select your prefecture, then select your city, town, or village.

If you don’t know where you are, ask Google Maps!

When you select a city, town, or village, you can see the usage history of hotels in that area, so you can make a decision based on that.

※I will explain later how to tell if it is available or not.

②If you have already decided on a hotel

Enter the hotel name in the search box at the top of the page!

Be sure to include the area in your hotel name. Example: APA HOTEL Shinjuku Station
Example: Hilton Osaka

Since this is a Japanese site, it would be more accurate to enter the hotel name in Japanese if possible.

If you enter the hotel name and search, a long list of search results will appear.

Look for the same link as the image below!


※For example, we are searching for Hilton Osaka.(ヒルトン大阪)

As shown in the image, find the links that are displayed in the order of “Hotel name”, reputation/reviews – deriherugayoberuhoteru.

Open that link to see the hotel’s usage history.

How to determine whether it can be used or not

Clicking on the link above will open the page below.


Blue means “can be called” and pink means “cannot be called”, so Hilton Hotel has 25 votes for “can be called” and 2 votes for “cannot be called”.

If you scroll further down, you can also see user experiences such as how they used it and why they couldn’t use it.



Hotels where you can call an escort girl, but you should be careful

The hotels listed below allow you to “call” an escort girl, but you have to pay an additional fee, have to be picked up, and have to make sure you can’t be found. This hotel has certain conditions.


There are 64 votes for “I can call” and 29 votes for “I can’t call,” so they are divided into those who can call and those who cannot.

Scroll down to see the testimonials


I can’t call it unless it’s a twin room. Additional charge required. It is written that he was completely rejected and moved to a love hotel.

Hotels where you can’t call escort girls completely


In the above case, there are 9 votes for “Can call” and 28 votes for “Can’t call,” so it is almost impossible to call.

In the case of these hotels, you will most likely be refused by the escort girl shop.


There are stories of experiences such as “No matter what I tried, it didn’t work.”

This site is based on users’ experiences, so it is not 100% accurate, but please use it as a reference when calling an escort girl in Japan.

It may be difficult to use the service while translating, but please try your best to avoid such a sad situation when you call an escort girl and the hotel turns you down.

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